Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Shows For Two Days

Feed Your Head is hosting a couple of shows this weekend. On Friday, March 2, I team up with Radio Free Silver Lake to present the "local" CD release show for Continuity Girl by Modern Time Machines. I have an advance copy and I can highly recommend it. Combine the fuzzy, atmospheric punch of Silversun Pickups with the gently hushed vocals of Film School and the harmonies of a band like Gliss, then layer them one upon the other and you find Modern Time Machines. I'm enjoying it more each time I play it and it's becoming indispensable to my daily listening routine.

Continuity Girl won't be released nationally until May 17, so here's a chance to get a jump on the rest of the country, cause this album could take off and they'll have advance copies available at the show. This band can be very impressive live and I'm looking forward to hearing this new material. They have the support of their good friends, The Monolators as a supporting act, and it's been way too long since I've seen them perform.

The Pity Party have been part of my regular concert-going experience for about six years and they always elicit some of the strongest reactions from audiences. Those not attuned to what they sound like are often off put by the strange, exotic, wailing and trashing that goes on during one of their sets, but I assure you, when you dig a little deeper you get a sense of the dark, disturbing, surrealistic terrain they explore. There's a certain catharsis to their sets.

LA Font are becoming one of the most reliable bands locally and always deliver thoroughly enjoyable sets. I'm looking forward to this show, and if you see Marion Crane taking a shower on the stage of The Satellite...tell her to look behind the curtain.

My seventh Feed Your Head night at Lot 1 was a bit of a challenge owing to my masters degree in the fine art of procrastination. I was thrilled to line up Escalator Hill to headline this show on Saturday, March 3, as I had missed their recent set at Silver Lake Lounge. They'll be the anchor to a show which has ended up featuring Harley Prechtel-Cortez doing a solo set, plus maybe some numbers with his offshoot project, The Petting Zoo to open the evening's festivities.

I was so lucky to get Rob Danson to agree to an encore performance of the set Death To Anders played at Casey's Bar last weekend where they covered The Pixies' Surfer Rosa album front to back. The band is back (they played my first Feed Your Head night last September) and I hear faint rumblings that this is going to draw quite the crowd. They jumped on this show at the last minute and I couldn't be more grateful.

Escalator Hill are a band whose increasing buzz is well deserved for their catchy, indie/country music that has an expansive quality owing to the opulent orchestral flourishes they employ. The creamy smooth vocals of Antony Benedetti gives the band a warmth and a homey feel that distinguishes them from other alt country ensembles.

Finally, Dan West will serenade the crowd with his folky psychedelia. After he performed with Azalia Snail at my December show, I was given his solo CD which immediately became a staple of my music listening. He manages to combine the sophisticated writing of so much of the current music scene with a real credible recreation of the analog sound of '60's psychedelia. I was amazed when I heard the album because it sounded like a lost recording of someone forgotten from 1968 only to be rediscovered in the back of someone's garage. It's experimental, yet completely self assured at the same time, and has astonishing range. I have another new, favorite songwriter. Come hear him and all these others on Saturday night. Admission is $5. and showtime is at nine o'clock. See you there.


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