Saturday, January 22, 2011

Knocked Flat By The Flu

Hello world! I'm back from a trip to the edge of the abyss, and have survived to tell the tale. Never have I had to fight off a flu that so wholly resisted my best efforts and would morph into something new and appalling at each turn, kind of like the Alien. It was a slow slog, just to get to the point where I felt like I wanted to survive.

But slowly, steadily, I began to improve (after finally relenting and going to the doctor), and just the other day, began to consider writing again. But I felt like I came out of a week of fevered hallucinations with a fresh and clearer view of what I'd like to accomplish. I also just watched The Social Network, which is both highly original and inspiring with a script that is perfection.

I'm sorry to have missed a lot of great music during January, especially most of The Monolators' LaBrie's residency for us at Radio Free Silver Lake, but I will be there this week without fail. So let's hear it for 2011, and on with the show...