Friday, December 6, 2013

Feed Your Head at Lot 1 December 7, 2013


I've got an amazing show for you on Saturday night, Dec. 7 at Lot 1. Three wonderful bands and a storyteller artist to open the evening at nine. There's a lot of shows out there on Saturday, but I like to think this one has the edge.
Last month I was putting together a program of singer/songwriter/storytellers and since Scott Schultz is back in town, I wanted to feature him. We had become friends a few years ago, before he moved  back to Boston to pursue his spoken art career, and I wanted to see what this was all about. So I booked him. He's back for a second gig this week and will be breaking out some new work. The stories are based on real life and filled with a wry, humorous viewpoint that takes the ordinary and makes it seem deeply disturbed. My kind of irony.

Alright Alright are the first band (at 10) and they played for me last December, maybe this can become a holiday tradition, the first Saturday of every December at Lot 1, from here to eternity. Dazzled by their multi-storied musically upbeat structures and commanded by a bunch of mighty powerful singers, I became a fan on the spot. This will also be the  release party for their beautiful new EP, Radio. and they will give the evening an appropriate musical blast off. Power pop with amazing hooks and wonderful melodies.

The Black Heartthrobs have the 11 o'clock spot and will bring an energy and a Kink-like spirit with a garage indie rock sound to rouse the audience. Their edgy, propulsive music has a spontaneous feel, yet follows very clear lines and will keep the place hopping. It's the perfect noisy rock to separate the other bands, each of whom represent different aspects of the indie rock world as we journey from power to punk to prog.

A couple of weeks ago I went to The Viper Room to check out a show Rebecca Balin was putting on. I sampled some of the songs of a band called Wages on line and was quite impressed and made sure I was there for their early set. I was stunned by the breadth and range of their talent. For only a three-piece band they filled the room with melodious sound. Check out the fabulous video that Bronson posted over at BuzzbandsLA, then come on down and hear it live at midnight. Their music has the discipline of Pinback, yet the adventurous quality of prog rock. I can't wait to see them for the second time.