Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Show

Rebecca Balin's group "My Friends Are Great" is presenting a show at The Satellite featuring Walking Sleep, Shirley Rolls and A Surprise Special Guest Tonight, November 25. Included are games and activities insuring this will be a great time, followed by a dance party to take you into Saturday. I know it's a tough night for competing shows, so maybe this is a night for club-hopping.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Third Feed Your Head Night

I'm back with another edition of my monthly showcase at Lot 1 this coming Saturday, November 5.

I'm so happy to be able to present the Record Release Party for Deal Gone Wrong by Downtown/Union this Saturday night. Bo Bory is another one of those local musicians I first got to know just as another member of the audience at lots and lots of shows I went to back when I first started attending local clubs. Like Rob Danson and Matthew Teardrop, I didn't even know they had bands when we first struck up a friendship, listening to our favorite local bands at places like The Echo or Spaceland or Boardner's, we got to know each other just by going to a lot of shows.

It's a very different experience to get to know a band even before you know they're a band. Los Angeles is probably one of the few places that can happen, at least on this scale, and I see it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. Now, a few short years later, I'm hosting shows for these bands and that feels great! Bo is really excited about this album, so come on out and listen to their new songs with me.

Torches (formerly: Torches In Trees) are one of my very favorite local bands and everyone who sees them walks away agreeing. They played at my Third Anniversary show last May at Lot 1, and I remember how many new fans they won over that night. Jump on the bandwagon now because this band has real potential to explode.

Ever since Aaron Kyle disbanded Le Switch, I've been trying to see his new venture, Geronimo Getty, but keep missing his shows. So I figured I'd fix that by booking him for this night.

Steve Sigl is another musician I met long before I ever heard his band, The Happy Casualties, so when he formed this offshoot group, Schoenberg Knife Fight Ensemble, I was intrigued and impressed by how different they are. On Saturday we'll get the dramatic and intense performance from lead singer, John Rickel, which will provide a powerful conclusion to the evenings festivities. This should be fun!