Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Presenting Downtown/Union

I'm super happy to be presenting the third residency night of Downtown/Union at Casey's Bar on Friday night, April 20. After attending the last two installments of this residency, I can tell you, they've been rocking this downtown bar with their downtown music, bringing along a host of bands offering some fine sets including The Hectors on 4/6 and The Lonely Trees (who I'd not seen but was immediately impressed by) and Radars To The Sky on 4/13.

Who needs Coachella!

Bo Bory asked me to present this week's session as a Feed Your Head Event. I'm glad to comply. This week Downtown/Union comes with a built in blast of hard partying with Manhattan Murder Mystery and The Health Club in the bill. It's a lot of fun and even slightly treacherous trying to get your way out of downtown L.A. around 2 AM after partying with Matthew Teardrop. Good luck to all concerned. And I just learned Animal Raps will be an added attraction. Yipee!

Here's another flyer:
This will be inaugurating my return to constant concert-going as next week I intend to see a show every night, beginning with the Origami Vinyl all-day celebration of Record Store Day at The Echo on Saturday, April 21. Featuring hot bands like The Henry Clay People, Jenny O and Races, this should not be missed. And it's free! Starts at noon.