Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wages at Silver Lake Lounge - 7/24/14

What's going on at Silver Lake Lounge? They keep having great line ups with bands I already love teaming up with bands I need to know about. On July 1st I dropped in to catch a set by longtime favorites Seasons, but before they played I heard the set by Psychic Love which entirely bowled over the audience that had filled the venue with obviously devoted fans. And with good reason. This dreamy, shoegaze/neo-punk outfit is not only packed with good musicians, but the songs were all varied and memorable. Lead singer and songwriter Laura Peters is a formidable talent and has a natural and easy charisma on stage. I got lost in the swirl of their set and had to come back down to earth only to be lifted again as Seasons began their hugely orchestral big-band sound. They're new material highlight all aspects of their fully integrated band members with each one having moments to shine. Nik Garcia's smooth vocals still pack a real wallop when he lets loose with a raspy howl that counterpoints the gentle and soothing passages.

Then last week I went over specifically to hear a set by Wages (at left), who have not played in a while. This was absolutely stunning. Nick Campbell has such amazing command of his vocal instrument, knowing exactly what it can and cannot do. Equally as powerful in the mid ranges as in falsetto, he can jump from one to the other with liquid ease. And the songs are constructed to showcase this ability as well as his dexterity on the guitar and his band mates, James DeDakis and Dustin Robles, sterling, and no less important contributions, on bass and drums. This three-man unit can sound like a band of eight or nine. They played a couple of new songs too, which added to the lustre of the evening.

I'm heading back over there tonight to see Auditorium, another band that has been quiet for some time and are ready to emerge again. I can't wait.

photo of Wages too