Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's impossible for me to believe that this blog is four years old (May 9th, actually), but even after all this time, my life in the rock and roll community just keeps on ascending. I'm involved in a few special projects, keep up the Radio Free Silver Lake Show Low Down every Monday morning, attend as many shows as I can muster the energy for, oh, and work a full time career during the day. People often ask me where I get the energy and I have to admit, I just don't know. I can only say that the energy and passion I see in the local music scene, fuels my commitment. And music has always been an inspiration to me.

I managed to secure the talents of Malcolm Sosa of Rademacher to help coordinate the show and as the date got closer, and my schedule busier and busier, he stepped up and found most of the players for the night and I am so grateful. Because he has helped put together a line up I'm incredibly proud of. He will be playing a solo set to get the evening off on a high point at 9 PM. Jonathan Price picks it up at 9:45 and Niilo Smeds, who I haven't seen before but am a fan of based on his recordings, takes the stage at 10:30.

My good friend Harley Prechtel-Cortez has played for me before, numerous times, and he has played some of my previous anniversary shows, so it's appropriate to have him do the 11 spot. As brilliant as his bands, The Weather Underground, Red Cortez and Just An Animal (to name three) have been...and are, his solo sets are no less electrifying. Dan West played for my Lot 1 night a couple of months ago and I love his solo work, as well as his contribution to Azalia Snail. When he told me he had another band project and was anxious to get a show, his selection was natural. Sidewalk Society will close out the night at midnight and I promise it will be worth staying to the end.

There's so much more I'd like to say, but I'll tell you all about it at the show. Enough incentive?