Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here We Go Again

Time for the next installment of Feed Your Head Presents at Lot 1 and I'm super excited to be presenting Seasons in maybe their last show of the year (or not. Actually they're on the Manhattan Murder Mystery residency showcase at The Satellite on Dec 12) before they premiere their new EP, Fall, in January. They've been good friends to me for a long time now, so let's come out and show them a good time. Azalia Snail intrigued me when I saw her perform at a party a few years ago and her unique and hypnotic style will amaze you. She's performing with Dan West. The Happy Casualties are another band I've been close to for a while and their ramshackle rock and roll is always a welcome addition to a night of partying. The band N O W are a recommendation of Azalia's, so I trust her judgement and look forward to hearing what they're about.

Thanks to Eileen Leslie and the whole Lot 1 team for making my dream of sponsoring shows a reality. Let's celebrate Christmas early!!!