Thursday, February 9, 2012

Judson McKinney Residency Opening at Silver Lake Lounge

It was just going to be another Monday night residency as Radio Free Silver Lake presented the first night of Judson McKinney's run at Silver Lake Lounge on February 6. Now, this is nothing new for Judson, as it must be his fourth residency in the last six months, but it turned out to be such a wonderful night of music that I just have to write about it. (Judson is shown at right)

Kind Hearts and Coronets were playing when I got there and they looked a little different than when they played The Echo in January, when illness had cut the band in half and emergency replacements were called in. Still, as I learned later, they are not the same band that I saw five years ago, having replaced much of the original line up. Kind Hearts and Coronets (2012) play a powerhouse brand of orchestral indie rock. What is it? Industrial indie? Even with their multi-instrument make up it still has the urgency and strength of garage punk. Interesting combination.

Judson McKinney presented a band of four for this show, and still delivered the full, rich sound we have come to expect from him. Audiences always become entranced whenever he performs, but on this night it seemed especially true. As they finished their set, the crowd begged for more and Judson complied with a beautiful solo rendition of "The Sound That You Hear". I know the song well, but this time I was especially moved by the lyrics and asked him to send them to me. It says to me: in this hurried and media-saturated world, be wary of those who offer salvation. Wise words.

Last up was Andrew Lynch, who I haven't seen performing in a while, so I was doubly impressed. He played solo, accompanying himself on keys and delivering song that have a similarity to the territory mined by Judson, only a bit less mystical. Although it was late, many stayed put to hear this set, which is a testament to the quality of the music. I think it was the best I've seen from someone I've followed for a long time; ever since his days playing with Earlimart and his own band, Poor Excuses. Especially impressive is when he accompanies himself on the trumpet while playing keys at the same time. Think what he could do with four hands.



Rose Marie said...

Very nice review of Judson's residency. Glad to hear all the groups performed with distinction. Thanks for posting this.

Rose Marie said...

Thanks for this nice review of week one. Glad to hear the groups were on top of their game for the first night I'm sure the enthusiasm will grow during the month.