Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Have Another Show

This Saturday, February 4th, I'm hosting my sixth monthly Feed Your Head show at Lot 1, making it my second show of the week for this blog. When I first started writing in May '08, I dreamed that one day I might be able to present shows under the banner of this name, which I couldn't believe was even available. Now the dream has come true and I've been legitimized in print.

After the final Monday residency night for Seasons at The Echo which I presented and got a mention in this week's LA Weekly (for the first time, shown at right), I have been spurred on to try to present more shows. In this particularly fertile time in local music, I think there is a need for more presenters to get more of the bands more of the attention they deserve. So along with the shows I'll be hosting for Radio Free Silver Lake (there's three or four of those this month alone) I'll continue to do the first Saturday of each month at Lot 1.

I was lucky to get Cody The Band to headline this weekend, since Cody Hudock is also a member of his brother Jordan's band Marvelous Toy, and they have their own full schedule. There's a similarity between the two bands, but also a marked difference in the type of songs each brother writes. I hear a bit of Danny Elfman's 'circus-music' style in some of the songs by Cody The Band and his vocal work with his wife Joanna bring real balance to the work.

I saw Andy Siara's latest project, presently called Socialistics, at the Marvelous Toy album release show at Bootleg Bar a few weeks ago. Only knowing his work from The Henry Clay People made this a bit of a revelation, hearing him sing, accompanied by the steady, cool counterpoint of Claire Mckeown's voice. The lyrics are still smart and sharp, perhaps a bit more introspective as he becomes a guitar playing folk singer. I really look forward to hearing this again.

The Health Club were a sensation at the Seasons residency a couple of Mondays ago and I couldn't wait to get them to sign on for this show, so I cornered them that night. Their playing is so self assured and and Gerard Fortich has great gifts as a front man. This band seems to be finally getting the attention it deserves.

Ryan Fuller has been a friend ever since I saw Fort King for the first time, I think it was Echo Curio in 2009. I've been a fan of his vaguely nostalgic and sometimes moving European flavored compositions after picking up his CD and being mesmerized by it. I once said his music reminds me of a 1970's French film score, and that still holds. Come on out early to hear this talented songwriter/performer who goes on around 8:30 (ish).


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