Thursday, January 3, 2013

Start 2013 with Feed Your Head at Lot 1 this Saturday

It's that time again folks as I continue to get my bearings as a show presenter. Now that I've been doing it for 17 months, I hope to increase the number of shows I do each year until it becomes second nature. (How do you do it, Bronson!)

Anyway, here's the flyer:
I'm happy to be presenting the newest project of Eli and Mary Chartkoff of The Monolators called Dawn of Sequins, which I have seen once before and I must say "is worthy of their name", and they play at midnight. A band by any other name would be The Brothers Zmed and they're the 11 o'clock set. Two other artists are making return engagements to this Feed Your Head show are Jonny Polonsky who was so impressive with his singer/songwriter set last November, and Niilo Smeds, who journeyed all the way from Fresno to play my fourth anniversary show last May.

Don't miss this wonderful show in the warmth of Echo Park on Saturday night.

(By the way, I tried to post this earlier but "Blogger" is denying access for downloading pictures. Until you find out that in HTML you can post them. Here's hoping they fix it soon.)


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