Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday at Silver Lake Lounge with Omar Velasco (1/14/13)

This cold weather was really getting me down. I mean, what did I go to all the trouble of moving to Southern California     from the Northeast 34 years ago for anyway? I didn't expect to be followed by global warming way back then. I expected to be surfing in January. Of course, flat-earthers think global warming is a left-wing, socialist plot, but the future will put them in their appropriate place.

But, changing weather patterns aside, I'm damned sick of this freakish weather, so I decided to just ignore it and go out on Monday evening (Jan 14). I've really been laying low for a few weeks and that begins to get me quite antsy these days.

I found out that Omar Velasco was playing a set at Silver Lake Lounge and since he had played my very first Feed Your Head shows at Lot 1 back in Sept 2011, and I hadn't seen him since, I felt it was time to catch up again. At the Silver Lake Lounge, it was as cold inside as it was outside, but a small crowd gathered during the set and warmed the room up nicely. Even though it was only 8:15 in the evening.

As I had only seen him perform solo in the past, I was happy to see him play with a musician on upright bass and a drummer forming an almost jazz-like combo with Omar's silken vocals taking on a crooner quality. All new songs formed the six song set and each one was an interesting variation of his clear style. The musical assist added new dimensions, resembling his recorded work on his EP, See Lion Run.

As I'm trying to take in a show every night this week, I only stayed long enough to greet Omar and invite him to play one of my future Lot 1 nights, and duck out. I can not allow this cold I have to turn into the dreaded flu. I plan on catching Daniel Ahearn and the Jones and Auditorium at Los Globos on Tuesday (Jan 15), and have tickets for Calexico on Wednesday and Pinback on Thursday, both at El Rey. It felt really good to get back out there.


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