Monday, October 25, 2010

What I'm Listening To September 24 - 30, 2010

1. Kelley Stoltz - To Dreamers (Sub Pop)

2. Birds And Batteries - Panorama (Velvet Blue Music)

3. Shadow Shadow Shade - Shadow Shadow Shade (Public Records)

4. Pavement - Quarantine the Past (Matador Records)

5. Autolux - Transit Transit ((TBD Records)

6. Menomena - Mines (Barsuk)

7. The Eels - Tomorrow Morning (E Works)

8. Radars To the Sky - Supra / Infra (self release)

9. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (Merge Records)

10. Film School - Fission (Hi-Speed Soul)

I was pleased to get an advance copy of To Dreamers by Kelley Stoltz (which was released on October 12) and more pleased that it was such a solid record. I became a fan early on in my 'rebirth through music' phase of life, and saw him on my very first trip to The Echo in May, 2006, when he was promoting his just-released, Below the Branches, also on Sub Pop.

Birds and Batteries came to me through the mail from Velvet Blue Music and a very pleasant surprise it is. Reminding me a little of a Texas band I love, Telegraph Canyon, they cover similar territory of alt/country indie with a lot of chamber pop instrumentals creating a shimmering array of catchy tunes. I like this very much.

The grandly operatic and hard rocking album from Shadow Shadow Shade is superbly produced and shows off the wide variety of musicians involved. And the rest of the list is pretty similar to what I was playing the week before with a lot of Pavement added, on as this was the week of their Hollywood Bowl show. Also was priming myself for the upcoming Arcade Fire and Film School gigs coming the following weeks.


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