Monday, October 4, 2010

Dead Meadow at Echoplex - October 3, 2010

I just got back from the Dead Meadow show at Echoplex on Sunday night, and I have to say it was as incredible a rock show as I've seen all week, and that includes the Pavement/Sonic Youth show and the Eagle Rock Music Festival. I mean, this band is incredible, and there were only about seventy five people in the whole place.

I'm not complaining because it made the whole experience inceredibly relaxed, with everybody grooving in their own personal space. The entrancing hypnosis of the music itself was complimented by the trippy animated light show behind them. They played material from their entire catalog and their perfect acid rock is so evocative it actually recreates the feeling of a sixties acid test.

Reunited with their original drummer, Stephen McCarty, for the first time in years brought out the songbook catalog of their early recordings, and even though I'm not familiar with that material it was a total pleasure to hear it.

I was determined that I was going to meet at least one of the band members tonight, after seeing them so many times, and sure enough I ran right into lead singer/guitarist, Jason Simon, in the corridor on my way out. Greeting him, I told him what an unabashed fan I am and how much I enjoyed their set and it that it meant a lot to meet him. He was gracious and kind and put up with a blithering fan.



bjc said...

That's a pic of McCarty you have up but it's Mark Laughlin who's the original drummer and who's back in the band. Cheers!

Brad said...

Thanks, bjc,
I've amended the text and, hopefully, corrected the photo.