Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Local Music: Everest at Bootleg Theatre (8/5/10)

As the month of July was filled with national bands on big tours, I felt neglectful of our own local music scene, so I decided to make an effort to get out to some smaller shows this month. Since this is also the month of a BIG birthday for me, I thought I'd try to see as many live shows as possible, to emphasize the important role music has assumed in my life. Or maybe I'm actually a depressive who is trying to commit suicide by rock and roll...naw, I don't think so.

I began with Everest at the Bootleg Theatre on Thursday, August 5, since the last few sets I've attended of theirs have so impressed me. I'm as excited by this band now as I was when they first formed three years ago. And they obviously have an expanding fan base, as I only saw a few familiar faces at the venue that night, and most of them were on stage.

It was a nicely balanced show with a fresh set list which brought back some lovely numbers from their first album, Ghost Notes, including the beautifully sung "Trees" and the heartbreakingly poignant pair, "I Can See It In Your Eyes" and "Standing By". Speaking of moving songs, they actually brought me to tears with "Tall Buildings" as this was the first time I've heard them play my favorite song from their new album, On Approach.

"I've Had This Feeling Before" and one of the tightest little songs I've ever heard "East Illinois" also brightened a set of typical first class Everest music. No false steps with this band. (Thank you Doug Kresse for the top photo)

Stay tuned, I'm going to be publishing a review of every show I go to this week, and tonight I've been gifted with tickets for the pit at The Greek for My Morning Jacket and Avi Buffalo. Can't wait for that one.


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Research Society said...

We were at that Everest show and were very impressed by both Everest and Mini Mansions. Lots of energy, tight bands, well-written songs in an intimate, unique setting. Tons of solid shows this entire summer, and especially the last few weeks. The day after Everest, Silversun Pickups rocked the Greek and expressed their love of their hometown, which was beautiful to see. It won't be long before Everest is doing likewise.
Happy birthday, Brad! We thought that was you at the show.