Monday, March 15, 2010

<<< Pinback Presents >>> The Rob and Zach Show

A few weeks ago I had a dream that, apparently, is going to come true. I dreamed I was allowed into the studio where Pinback create their music and I was privy to the creative process, watching and hearing how they construct the music I consider to be some of the most beautiful sounds planet Earth has ever heard.

Wow, I woke up to some incredible news this morning that is actually the fulfillment of that dream. An email announcement went out about a series of concerts to be held between July 1st and 11th this summer entitled <<< Pinback Presents >>> The Rob and Zach Show.

For the first time, Rob Crow and Zach Smith are going to perform without a back up band, with only their own instruments, computers and play back machines to recreate the intimate experience of a recording session. This will be major. I imagine they will end up sounding quite like they do on record and they promise to cover their entire career, including some new material that will be on their next album.

I am so psyched for this. Long ago, I came to understand and appreciate the differences between their raucous live sets and the sometimes sedate nature of their recorded work. Each was it's own animal and both are extraordinary, but this will be a chance to hear how the music comes together, to really study their compositional skills. Pinback as played in their studio while composing.

Zach stated in the release, "the idea is to present our music at times in a more broken down manner very similar sounding to how it might be for Rob and (me) when we're coming up with a song for the very first time." This concert will not only be a must-see event, but an honor and a privilege to attend. Can you understand why they are my very favorite band?


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