Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Terrific Night at Feed Your Head Night at Lot 1

A big shout of thanks to all the bands and fans who came out on a rainy Saturday night (Dec. 1) to enjoy the variety of this five-band program. Lot 1 started to fill up early with devotees of Downtown/Union who were eager to hear more of the high-powered rock this outfit specializes in. Bo Bory (at right) has solidified his lineup to include Andy Bartlett, David Yates (at right) and Jeff Electric, and together they have become a seamless unit. Even before they began their set proper, there was a free-form prelude which included some extraordinary guitar work by Mr. Electric. The band then pounded through some familiar hits in a slightly abbreviated set to allow room for the four other acts. They really threw themselves into the music with a passion and energy that primed the audience for what was to come.

Alpha Beta (at right)were next, and this is a project of Asa Ferry of Kind Hearts and Coronets and Brett Anderson of The Donnas.They're brand new and what we got to witness was an act in formation and it was kind of thrilling. Odd and distinctive vocal harmonies seem to be an aim of the music and with these two fine voices one sees what they wish to achieve. Straightforward folk songwriting is played on a single guitar by Asa while Brett adds occasional tambourine accents. I thinks they should be watched.

With a set full of new music, The Hectors (above)) sounded great, with the banshee wails of Corinne Dinner front and center in a way not heard before. Close to releasing a new album, they are getting the songs ready for live presentation and hope to get the record out early next year. A twinkly, jangling guitar shimmer has crept into their music and it adds a lightness to the propulsive rock that has always been a hallmark. I loved it when Corinne bowed her guitar (at right). Nice touch.

Summerwintersummerfall was the pseudonym used for Seasons (the secret got out) that night and this was the second Lot 1 show of mine that they have headlined and honored I am. Eight musicians filled the performance space and filled the room with their sparkling tunes. With the line up changes of the last year or so firmly in place, their sound has become complete. Not that it wasn't before, but it seems to be more sure of itself while the individual contribution of each and every member can be heard and appreciated. As always, the songwriting is fresh and original and has yet to sound repetitive, even though I've been listening to them for five years now.

Moving into the wee hours of the morning, we pushed the boundaries a bit, (Thank you Lot 1 for your understanding) with the set by Alright Alright (at left) and below) that was so good, it lifted me to new heights...and at that hour (1 AM). Michael Sweeney's band is an amazing combination of talented musicians and the music, so affecting that you don't want them to stop...ever. Charismatic and a bit theatrical, it was a star-making performance. And with good reason. They're playing around town a lot lately, including a night at The Echo last week and a set at Silver Lake Lounge tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 5) at 10 PM.

And you can really tell they love what they're doing, they throw themselves into it with such enthusiasm. Alright Alright is a combination of cabaret-folk-indie-circus music that reminded me of bands like DeVotchKa or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, not so much in musical style, but in the enveloping environment they create. Don't miss this band if you want to see a band that deserves much more attention.

Thanks again everyone for packing the place, it was a great night.

whrabbit (photos too)

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