Friday, October 12, 2012

Feed Your Head Show at Lot 1 - October 13, 2012

Come on out and give Soular Brothers a nice send off on Saturday night, October 13th at my show at Lot 1. They have been a residency band for my monthly event for three months running, and I like this idea. We even saw them through a name change (from The WildBunch) and I have enjoyed the super sets they  provided in August and September.

Tomorrow I make them the headliners and have surrounded them with some new bands and my friends, The Happy Casualties who, as the show's capper, will send you out into the night on a high note. To open I have the pleasure of presenting David Piorek of The Preacher's Son showcasing his new project The Trembling Tabernacle of Piorek. And with a name like that I expect something daunting, overwhelming and spiritually uplifting.

Next up is Simon Cardoza's voyage back to the performing stage in a band called, you guessed it...Cardoza. I saw them once at Casey's Bar and was pleasantly surprised at how tight and accomplished they seemed already. Simon's singing voice was a particular surprise. Headliners Soular Brothers hit the stage at 11, bringing their Long Beach sound with them.

There's beers and burgers and time spent with Eileen and Jason of Lot 1. Sean Guerin is doing sound and Rebecca Balin will handle the door. Do drop in and say 'hello'.


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