Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feed Your Head presents November 3 at Lot 1

This Saturday night, November 3rd, I'm presenting another edition of this blog's monthly show at Lot 1 and I'm happy to present some very new acts that deserve more exposure. Hailing from Los Angeles, Emerson Star (below) are a band made of two brothers and a friend who grew up together and now produce an unabashed, sweet, unpretentious 60's sounding folk music wherein all three take turns handling lead vocals but the majority are by Shannon Inouye with Taylor Inouye and Sean Thomas backing up. On the strength of the two songs on their 45 release, I asked them to headline this show and then went to see them last Thursday at Silver Lake Lounge and saw that I had made a good call.

There was a good crowd of fans and friends there who really enjoyed their set and I was impressed with their playing as well as the vocals. The music isn't just pretty, but can really rock when called for, highlighted by some fine guitar playing. Straightforward, uncomplicated lyrics sing of romance, loneliness, irony and general life concerns. You gotta be curious about a band that can rhyme "Romeo and Juliet" with "A couple of idiots". Emerson Star go on at 11.

The Sixth Son are another band I recently saw at a Rebecca Balin show at 3 of Clubs a couple of weeks ago, headlined by Downtown/Union. When shaggy-haired Neil Mallick (above) took the stage with his guitar and acompanied by another guy on saxophone I couldn't even anticipate what I was about to hear. Virtuoso guitar playing stood out, but when this expressive tenor cam out of his mouth, I was transfixed.

And the songs were unpredictable and hypnotic, with deep penetrating lyrics. His friend, Brian Tran, on saxophone provided an astonishing range of varied sounds, including sounding just like a string section at one point. How did he do that? When the set was over, far too soon, I was left, mouth agape. I made sure to make the aquaintance of this remarkable musician right away and when a slot opened up on this bill, I jumped to ask him to. If you attend this show you'll be among The Sixth Son's early fans. Appearing at 10.

Rounding out the bill is someone whose music I have enjoyed for probably six years now. In 2006, I saw local band, Kind Hearts and Coronets a few times just before they sunk below the surface into hiatus. That band has resurfaced, but without band member Jonny Polonsky (above) who is out and about in a range of other projects with a variety of musicians, but on Saturday he plays a rare solo acoustic set to open the night. Can't wait to find out what that is like.

Come on over and enjoy an evening of burgers, beer and fine music at Lot 1. See you there.


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Anonymous said...

FYI "Guy on saxophone" playing with The Sixth Son is none other than the Great Brian Tran :)