Monday, January 16, 2012

Marvelous Toy Release "Not Moving"

On Friday, January 13, I headed over to Bootleg Bar to attend the Release Show Marvelous Toy were holding for their long-awaited CD, Not Moving. There's been a lot of positive buzz preceding this record and it does not disappoint.

Actually it was a show for Ozma, the re-formed Pasadena band, that flooded the place with fans and created two separate, distinct audiences. One for Marvelous Toy and Socialistics (Andy Siara and Claire Mckeown) and the other, an Ozma crowd. I was glad I arrived early to have a chance to catch up with friends before Andy Siara of The Henry Clay People took to the stage in an incarnation called Socialistics . Basically it is Andy on guitar and voice, accompanied by Claire on harmonies and tambourine. That's it, and it was a nice surprise. Andy's expressive vocals combined with Claire's beautifully trained voice made some lovely sounds and when they were joined for the final number by Andy's brother, Joey Siara, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It sounded kind of like The Everly Brothers with a female accompanist, and showed a side of the brother's talent that the hyper-kinetic The Henry Clay People doesn't allow. Good job.

I haven't seen Marvelous Toy since they played one of the Radio Free Silver Lake Tuesdays at LaBrie's months. It was great to see them all together playing in what amounted to a greatest hits of Marvelous Toy set. Not Moving contains such perfected versions of songs we've been hearing throughout this band's career, as produced by Raymond Richards, these are powerful and urgent sounding recordings and this night's live show was full of that energy. Once again one could appreciate the classic sounding Americana, honky-tonk vibe that pervades Jordan Hudock's writing.

I especially love it when the brothers' Hudock, Jordan and Cody (photo at right by David Miller) are both playing keys and pounding away with a proficiency and accuracy that is astonishing, the effect is sublime. Can't imagine what it must have been like to grow up in a house with these two around. I was particularly happy to hear "Cities In My State", "Waiting For the Fire", "I Have To Write This Over" and "I Missed So Much" in such lively renditions. Wonderful support from Ny Lee and Franck Fiser. Afterward, as the Ozma crowd moved in, I stepped out.

Just have to note how beautiful I think the song, "The Subway Driver" is on the CD. Gorgeous and very moving. This is the album Marvelous Toy fans have been waiting for.


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