Monday, January 9, 2012

Fifth Lot 1 Feed Your Head Show

A big thanks to everyone who came out to play and perform at last Saturday's Feed Your Head Show at Lot 1, especially Jack Gibson of Tenlons Fort who really put together the bill for me. He did such an outstanding job, and set the bar so high, I may have trouble reaching it in the future.

First up was Will Courtney, who I hadn't seen before, so I was duly impressed with his wonderful singing and songwriting. Jack told me his mother is a gospel singer who encouraged and nurtured her son's musical talents. The combination of pristine vocals and complex writing shows the strong musical heritage that is behind him.

Next was a solo set (mostly) by Avi (at right) of Avi Buffalo that highlighted some of his newest songs, which are in stark contrast to the experimental direction he was forging last year with his noise compositions. He's returned to the more straightforward (if you could ever call his curlicue melodies straightforward) character of his earlier work. One song in particular struck me with its probing lyrics and haunting atmosphere, which reminded me of the Andy Warhol Factory/New York/Avant-garde rock circa 1970. Joined by other musicians for his final two songs, he rocked Lot 1 hard.

Tenlons Fort is presently made up of Jack, John Seasons on bass, Sheridan Riley on drums and Will Courtney on guitar and backing vocals. This newest lineup puts new spins on familiar material and makes the new material their own. Jack was in great voice and his natural, unforced style makes other singers appear to be working too hard. Special mention must be made of Sheridan Riley's impeccable drumming, for the variety and nuance she displays is to be envied. The whole audience seemed to notice.

The Wildbunch closed the night with a set of rock and roll that could not be resisted. Their remarkable drummer has an equally impressive voice, with which he led a couple of songs. The lead singer has an appropriately gravelly vocal style, suiting the band's name, and Avi stepped in on second guitar, adding twinkle and shine to already bright melodies. Their set was a revelation in that it just kept getting better and better. By the end, I was ready to be peeled off the ceiling.

Wonderful friends, the wonderful Lot 1 and great sound by Sean Guerin made for a night I won't forget.

Thank you all.


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