Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Re-Reminder: Torches Have A Show Sunday

O.K., So I read Jed's terrific interview with Torches (In Trees) over at Radio Free Silver Lake, and I realized I had been resisting the notion that they would change their name from Torches In Trees to, simply, Torches, but I can see the logic in it now. Not only is it streamlined, but it's also a reflection of their history.

If I'm not mistaken, there were five band members the first couple of times I saw Torches In Trees, back in Dec. of '08 at Mr. T's Bowl and January of '09 at the old Hollywood Knitting Factory, and I loved them then. The CD I got at the time lists five musicians. By the end of 2009, I think they were down to four, and now there are three. Ordinarily, the addition and subtraction of band members can have a profound negative or positive effect. And I've seen both.

With Torches, it has had a solidifying effect. Their music has become more focused while maintaining that psychedelic edge that I fell in love with at the beginning. I was totally impressed with their earlier performances, but now I find them life-affirming and moving. The music is that beautiful. Individually and collectively, Azad, Eric and Bridgette mean a lot to me.

That is why I'm so happy that Radio Free Silver Lake is hosting the video release party for their first video at Bootleg Bar on Sunday. And there's no work the next day because of Labor Day, so no excuses.


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