Monday, August 29, 2011

Feed Your Head Begins Monthly Shows

I wanted to wait to write this column until the flyer was done. Taking a bunch of disparate elements and collaging them into a psychedelic poster was more time consuming than I anticipated but here it is:

I jumped at the chance to begin presenting my own shows when Eileen at Lot 1 asked if I wanted to. Having enjoyed doing the weekly Free Tuesdays at LaBrie's for six months with Radio Free Silver Lake, I was glad to have the chance to learn how to do it from the ground up.

First up is Death To Anders as headliners, which is entirely appropriate as Rob Danson was one of the first musicians I got to know, back at Boardner's, which he sang a song about the other day...I think. Together with Dirt Bird, who's pedigree goes back through other vocally powerful bands, Shadow Shadow Shade, back through Irving, who I also saw over and over, these two bands represent my early years in the music scene, say 2007, 2008.

Judson McKinney has been such a strong addition to L.A.'s music, that he and Mary and his band are one of the greatest finds of the past year. And he always surrounds himself with a lot of my favorite musicians. Omar Velasco was introduced to me through Judson at his residency at The Central in August and I was immediately struck by the quality of the songwriting and his strong and disciplined voice. I asked him a day later to be a part of this show. They represent how vibrant the music scene still is and point the way to the future.

Come on out to Lot 1 on Saturday night, September 3, and enjoy some of the finest this town has to offer.


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