Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summing Up My Weekly Ten Best Lists For 2010

I'm trying to wrap up 2010, but it's a tough struggle. It's like the year that won't go away. I have all these Ten Best lists from December (December 2 was the last date to appear on this blog), so I'll put them all together and make one big December list and hope I haven't slighted anybody. I'll deal with January later.

Fed somewhat by the shows I saw that month, the list is as follows.

1. George Glass - George Glass (self release)

Even though they didn't play any shows in town during December, they still ruled the month. I would still list this as one on the best of the year, even if my name were not on the back. I never tire of the songs. I can't wait to have them as our band of the month at Radio Free Silver Lake's Free Tuesdays at LaBrie's in March right after The Western States Motel finish up their fabulous February residency.

2. Pepper Rabbit - Beauregard (Kanine Records)

One of my favorite finds of the year was this band and their terrific blend of European pop and indie rock. Astonishing in live performance.

3. Three Mile Pilot - The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten (Temporary Residence)

One of the most solid recordings of the year, so self-assured and sure-footed. A terrific array of songs in a great variety of styles. That Pinback bass and that Black Heart plaintive wail make a great combination from two legendary artists.

4. Tommy Santee Klaws - Rakes (self release)

This startling and well recorded album of the enchanting music this combine of remarkable musicians make is another year's best and well worth waiting for because this band never sounded so good (except live, of course)

5. Lord Huron - Mighty EP (self release)

The band out of nowhere that have taken their newly adopted home by storm. See these guys live at any one of the local dives before they break big.

6. Kenseth Thibideau - Repetition (Temporary Residence)

Fed by the fact this band opened for Rob Crow at The Satellite on the 7th, only increased my interest and I was rewarded with some of the most breathtaking , cinematic and dense music of the year and a great opening band.

7. Broken Bells - Broken Bells (Columbia Records)

I can't stop going back to this album, I find the songs so hypnotic and addictive

8. Rob Crow -Living Well (Temporary Residence)

His solo concert at The Satellite was a great opportunity to watch and hear what Rob does to those compositions as a solo artist. He promised to play 30 songs as fast as he could, and then he made good on that promise. It was a wonderful compendium of a great career.

9. Lord Huron - Into The Sun (self release)

Again, the recordings are great, but they only hint at the power of this band live.

10. Everest - On Approach (Vapor Records)

Set to play all over town in February, they are another reason for national attention focused on our local scene. They currently play some of the finest sets of their career and you'd be a fool to miss them.

Anyway that takes care of that. Next I have to tackle last year's Best Live Shows and whittling that down from 50 may take some effort.


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