Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back To Life

I've regained my concert-lust and have been back out at shows for the last week. It's so easy to become a full-blown addict in just a matter of days. The final night of The Monolators (at right) residency for Radio Free Silver Lake's Free Tuesdays at LaBrie's got me started on January 25, and with opening bands, The World Record and Walking Sleep, giving a couple of powerhouse performances, The Monolators capped off the night by turning the packed house into a frenzied mass of party revellers.

The following night I had to honor my ticket to see Iron and Wine at The Wiltern, but as he's one of my favorite live performers, this was no problem. Great show, reviewed over at Radio Free Silver Lake, today.

Lord Growing's "704" show on Saturday, January 29 was a real fun time and so packed with good people, the atmosphere resembled a big party. Cody The Band confirmed what I had suspected from their set for RFSL at the Tuesday event on December 21st. They are one of the tightest, thoroughly professional yet musically fun bands around these days. Beautiful performance. George Glass played nothing but new songs, but for one, and blazed away in their trademark thrash/beautiful style. This band just grows on me more with each performance and each time I play their album. Vanaprasta blew the walls out of Pehrspace, but in a good way. I've not seen this band nearly enough, but plan to rectify that situation. It was great to hear their dense, raucous songs in so intimate a setting. Manhattan Murder Mystery were, well...Manhattan Murder Mystery. Supposedly Elaine Layabout's final performance with the band (former MMM players have a way of resurfacing I'll take a wait and see attitude). They capped the night off wonderfully, rocking the hell out of the place. Congratulations Greg.

On Monday, I was determined I would not miss The Belle Brigade's final night of residency, along with The Fling at The Satellite. Knowing how popular they have rapidly become, I made sure to get there early, and there was already a line. I needed to make it an early night, so I was happy Writer went on at 9:30 and The Belle Brigade (photo by Aaron Redfield) at 10:30. The Belle Brigade were every bit as phenomenal as I remembered from my first exposure on December 16th at The Echo. My god, they have talent oozing from their pores. Ethan and Barbara were kind enough to remember me and I thanked them for their amazing show and congratulated them on their good fortune.

I had to go out the next night for the first The Western States Motel residency Tuesday at Radio Free Silver Lake's Free Tuesdays at LaBrie's. Buried At Sea opened the night with a solid set, well sung and played, which culminated in a fascinating cover of a Joanna Newsome song. The Western States Motel played a nice long set, growing ever more confident and tight during the set. Wonderful new songs, too. WALK finished the night with some terrific diffused and atmospheric music, very beautifully played. Another fantastic show. Next Tuesday, February 8, The Western States Motel play LaBrie's with Pacific Hurt and The Mid Cities.


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