Monday, June 7, 2010

What I'm Listening To May 28 - June 3

1. The Californian - Sea of Love EP (self release - Gold State Music)

2. The National - High Violet (4ad Records)

3. The New Pornographers - Together (Matador)

4. Everest - On Approach (Vapor Records)

5. Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo (Sub Pop)

6. Broken Bells - Broken Bells (Columbia Records)

7. Helen Stellar - If The Stars Could Speak, They Would Have Your Voice... (self release)

8. The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (Matador)

9. Choir of Young Believers - This Is For The White In Your Eyes (Ghostly International)

10. Whispering Pines - Family Tree (self release)

This week, The Californian CD, Sea of Love, comes roaring into first place. It's an amazing four-song perfection. Beautifully produced, it introduced listeners to four sides of this band, ranging from heartbreaking balladry to nervy, jangly surf-guitars. Only's way too short! And leaves fans of the band panting for more, if only to show off the aspects of their music that can only be seen live, so far. It's the most impressive EP I've heard since the Red Cortez EP last year.

Still soaring from the show by The National on May 22 and in anticipation of The New Pornographers shows in July, put High Violet and Together near the top of the list, and that Everest album is a real keeper.

The rest of the list is rounded out by lots of hold overs like Avi Buffalo, Broken Bells and Helen Stellar, but the new Henry Clay People CD is coming out this week (Tuesday night release show at Spaceland), so expect things to shake up.



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