Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Banner Week Coming Up

This week is an amazing musical high that I've been looking forward to for a while. Beginning tonight, Saturday, June 26, with the KCRW series "Summer Nights" out in Pasadena at One Colorado(above), the phenomenal Everest play for free at a 7:30 show outdoors. After the amazing set I saw at Amoeba a couple of weeks ago (at right) I've been obsessed with their new album, On Approach, and look forward to a full set by the band. I think I was caught off guard at how moving and deep some of the songs are. If "Tall Buildings" isn't one of the most beautiful songs you've ever heard, you have no heart. I look forward to getting all emotional under the evening stars. And with the new Gold Line extension going all the way out there, getting to Pasadena has never been easier.

After that I may take off back to Hollywood to the Paul G. Gleason Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. to see The Fuxedos and participate in the circus. Appropriately enough, Fish Circus are also performing and the show starts at 10:15.

My other favorite album at the moment is the Blitzen Trapper masterwork, Destroyer of the Void, and once again I'm reminded how lucky I am to be in Los Angeles where I can see bands performing the two albums I listen to more than any others on the same week I'm most passionate about them. That's an amazing alignment of some stars or planets or something. I want to hear what Blitzen Trapper's (photo by Jade Harris) most complex work to date sounds like live, and it's at the El Rey on Tuesday, June 29, where the sound and sight lines will be great.

Wednesday gives me the chance to make up for missing Tenlons Fort last week at the EP release party for Season's great new song collection, Winter. I ran all over town trying to get to The Echo early enough, and walked in just after they had finished. Fortunately two ripping sets by the new Death To Anders and the hosts, Seasons, made up for it. The show at Spaceland will the the last for Tenlons Fort for a while, as Jack heads out of town for a spell. They're opening for Damien Jurado and they go on first, so get there around nine!

Then on Thursday, July 1, comes a show I've had a ticket to for months. It's the Pinback presents The Rob & Zach Show, which promises to be the most unique Pinback show I've ever attended. Number one, it's is Costa Mesa at the Detroit Bar where I've never been. That will be a rail adventure all by itself. Number two, according to what I've heard, it's just Rob Crow and Zach Smith on stage with their computers, instruments and sound machines, putting the music together in front of us. I suspect it will be somewhat like being privy to their creative process, when they compose their music together. If that's the case, this will be a landmark concert for me, who loves their music as much as I have ever loved any music.

On Saturday, July 3, another favorite local act, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians will bring the week to a perfect close with their hypnotic, jangling, psychedelic guitars and haunted vocals that will gently lower me back to earth at Casey's Bar. I've never been there so look forward to seeing a new venue. It looks like The Stevenson Ranch Davidians are doing a Saturday residency for the month of July, so that will provide someplace to go for the next five weeks. I've seen this listed on a show list somewhere, but I can't confirm it yet.

Anyway, I hope to see some of you at some of these shows.


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