Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Sudden Surprise Show December 26th

For those of us stuck in Los Angeles, alone and friendless over the holiday, a special treat came on my radar yesterday.

A show at the Echoplex the night after Christmas with Avi Buffalo, about to become the next break out band, Wait.Think.Fast, Angus Kahn, Moses Campbell and Barrio Tiger promises to be a super Christmas present for those of us lucky enough to attend. I got a ticket the minute I heard about it and look forward to spending an evening with friends that are like family.

Avi Buffalo will be heading off to New York for a couple of shows in January and there are no other shows scheduled for them in December in L.A. so catch them while you can on December 26 for only $8.

(photos by Doug Kresse from the Avi Buffalo show at The Knitting Factory August 12, 2009, thank you Doug and have a great holiday)


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