Monday, December 1, 2008

Top Ten - November 24 - 30

Here's my latest listening habits.
Week of November 24 - 30, 2008:

1. Blitzen Trapper - Furr (Sub Pop)
2. Seasons - 12-song compilation (self release)
3. O'Death - Broken Hymns Limbs and Skins (Kemado Records)
4. The Eels - Electro-shock Blues (Dream Works Records)
5. Death To Anders - Fictitious Business (self release)
6. The Henry Clay People - For Cheap or For Free (Autumn Tree Records)
7. The Happy Casualties - Too Much Joy Turns Back the Fingernails (Swillpro Records)
8. Automatic Drawing - The Captain and the Sea EP (self release)
9. Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs (Touch and Go Records)
10. Marvelous Toy - All is Quiet (I Feel M.T. Records)

Just a mention to all the amazing sets I witnessed this November. What a month!
To The Happy Hollows Record Release Party at The Echo, Nov. 6
The Broken West, playing their new CD Now or Heaven at Spaceland, Nov. 7
Dead Meadow transported the Troubadour on Nov. 8
Earlimart and Red Cortez stunned me at The Echoplex, Nov 11
The Frontier Brothers, Thailand and Death To Anders (though they had a trump card up their sleeve) on Nov. 13 at the Silverlake Lounge
Seasons, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Health Club at the American Legion Hall in Highland Park on Nov. 15
The final "Let's Independent!" at Boardners, Nov. 18 with Pizza!, The Broken Remotes and Automatic Drawing
The Happy Casualties at the West Side's The Good Hurt club, Nov 21
A real high water mark was set by the show at Spaceland, Nov. 22 with O'Death, Le Switch and a career-making performance by Death To Anders
The Monolators final residency night was a great prom night with Ema and The Ghosts, Kevin Sheilds and that puppet show by Cristina's Puppet Show on Nov. 24 at Pehrspace
Thanksgiving eve, Nov 26 party with The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra at The Echo
Marvelous Toy, Nov. 29, at Crane's Tavern was revelatory
and...Blitzen Trapper and The Parson Red Heads at The Echo last night, Nov 30, 2008.


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glad you're enjoying the EP, Brad!