Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This Week

Tuesday night (May 27) I thought I'd start reving up for the onslaught of high-profile concerts later this week with a short trip over to the Silverlake Lounge to catch a favorite local band, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra. I've seen this band a lot since first encountering them a few months ago at a "Let's Independent!" function and have been lucky enough to get to know them a bit. Funny, when I'm not seeing them perform, they always seem to be in the audience; real enthusiastic supporters of the local music scene that they are. Last night's set was another solid show by this very reliable band who are set to release a new 5-song EP (July 3rd CD release party at the Echo). They performed a few new songs mixed with the always welcome "In a Dream" and "Don't Be Fooled". I could have done with a little more volume on the vocals , but still Kelli Anne Kofke and Hunter Costeau weave their voices together so skillfully they overcome any minor sound problem. The rest of the band is so tight , I always admire their precision, and besides, the music is very pretty. Hunter can write a really terrific pop song, but when they slow down with a song like "Nostalgic" you realize his compositions can be really beautiful. All elements seem to be in place for this band to make the leap. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch, either.
I had to let most of the rest of the program go, hosted by Rock Insider and Web in Front, just to conserve some energy.
Thursday night is the R.E.M. show at the Hollywood Bowl. I've never seen them before, but I have to confess, I'm kind of over them (Though I love a lot of their music) but when I heard Modest Mouse and The National were opening for them I had to go. Never seen M.M. but I saw The National last year at the El Rey and they were great, although they got big so fast they seemed almost awkward and embarassed by the attention. This, I found charming and not at all false modesty. Friday is Beirut at the Wiltern and they gave one of the best shows I've ever seen last year so I'm most excited about this one. Saturday I'm going to the show everyone's talking about, Swervedriver at the Fonda. Opening band Film School was the big attraction for me, but Xu Xu Fang has such a loyal following, but I didn't know them, so I listened to some of their myspace selections and they sound better than great. Swervedriver helps me fill in some history and there are so many holes in my rock music knowledge that I appreciate opportunities to see bands that helped inspire so many new artists. Last year's Slint concert helped in that pursuit, too. What a great show that was! (Sigh!)



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Brad! It was great to see you as always.
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