Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Catching Up With Seven Saturdays at The Satellite - September 5, 2013


A nice unexpected treat came my way on Thursday night, September 5, when I remembered that Seven Saturdays were playing at The Satellite and, as I had been missing all of their recent shows, I was gratified to find a tiny reserve of energy that propelled me out of the house and onto a bus bound for Silver Lake. Knowing that Halfbluud were also on the bill, and learning that afternoon that Zoe-Ruth Erwin (below) would be providing vocals for a few of the Seven Saturdays songs, supplied the added incentive. Jim Evens and Zoe-Ruth took care of a trio of songs each, and another female vocalist who's name got by me, sang at the end. Zoe-Ruth Erwin's vocals showed off a power and control that was remarkable, perfectly pitched, while Jim Evens displayed that amazing breath control which enables him to hit his notes long and hard. A major appeal of his own band, Helen Stellar.
I've been really intrigued by the addition of vocals to the flood of sound this band excels in. Over the past year they've experimented with a number of different vocalists, each taking turns as lead singer at the center of each song.

I love the concept, especially because the basic power of the compositional brilliance on display is what makes the music matter. Jonathan D. Haskell's music is organic, and oceanic in it's pull and I find much of it very moving. Lost in a sea of emotional chords would be an apt description of how I felt, standing in the middle of The Satellite floor. Taking home the CD that Jonathan gave me I was still surprised by the other additional singers featured. I mean, Alex Lilly and Rachel Stolte, and all of the singers lending their own individual style. It is as much a musical collective as it is a band. A dazzling recording.

This evening triggered a flurry of show-going activity, which I will reveal piece by piece...stay tuned.


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