Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some Upcoming Shows

In the midst of a chaotic week, somehow I manage to be hosting two shows over the next few days. And what shows they are. On Saturday, May 4, Feed Your Head presents Judson on a return to the local stage, and with a local star-studded cast of musicians including Rob Danson of Many Embers and Fort King on electric guitar, Eli Reyes on drums, Nancy Kuo on violin, and Mateo of Manhattan Murder Mystery on keys (that will be beautiful).

I've had a little difficulty in putting this one together but want to thank Shannon Inouyi of Emerson Star for jumping at the chance to play and committing early. Emerson Star played one of my favorite events last year when I hosted the November 1012 Lot 1 show and they just floored me with their super-tight harmonies and instantly catchy tunes. I look forward to the opportunity to hear Shannon solo, though he plays with electric guitar.

When I asked Judson (at right) to perform for this show, he instantly agreed and I can't even begin to thank him for all the work he put forth to make this a big night. He even lined up a super special guest who I'm not at liberty to disclose at the moment (keep checking this column). And it's been so long since I've heard Judson perform that he and his new ensemble will get my full attention. Happy Cinco de Mayo indeed!!!

This show will be co-presented with All Scene Eye, a fairly recently formed co-op with the following stated purpose: "All Scene Eye is a collective of arts and music organizations that seek to better the creative and event promotion communities through sharing resources and good vibes on a massive level". I'm happy to be presenting with them.

The Sixth Son (below) begins a monthly residency at Los Globos, appropriately enough, on Monday, May Sixth, and I was asked to present so I will don two hats and present as Feed Your Head and Radio Free Silver Lake. I also have first hand knowledge of just how good Neil Mallick, and whatever band he puts together, is. The first time I saw him was at a show hosted by Rebecca Balin at 3 of Clubs last October when his only accompaniment was a guy on a saxophone. A sax and an electric guitar might seem like an odd duet, but the sounds they made were uncanny and it was a completely involving set highlighted by Neil's remarkably flexible voice coupled with his powerful, Hendrix-influenced raging guitar.

I immediately grabbed him for a Feed Your Head show at Lot 1 in November. At another show I hosted in December, The Sixth Son had become a band, joined by various audience members which turned into a musical free-for-all and a highly memorable night. When he played for a recent show in April it was as a solo, so I can say with confidence, no matter how many (or any) other musicians he plays with, he always delivers a surprising, and remarkably skillful set. And everyone always has a good time.

This show also features three other favorite local acts, Fort King, Judson (again, hooray!) and that performer who can make the stage cry "uncle!", Matthew Teardrop. This is almost too much fun for a Monday night. Come on down and join us. What a coincidence, here we all are at Thanksgiving last year.


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