Saturday, September 29, 2012

Earlimart at The Satellite - September 28, 2012

Just a quick jotting to say how the concert week continued in high gear as Earlimart gave what may be one of the best sets I've ever seen from them at The Satellite on Friday night, Sept. 28. And this is from someone who has seen them about 15 times. Aaron Espinoza was in a reflective and thoughtful mood as he announced that the band would be on a hiatus for a little while after this show, promising that this would be a celebratory set that featured many greatest hits. And even though their new album, System Preferences, would not be released until October 16, Aaron said he would be selling them after the show outside the bathrooms.

Every number they played from the new CD was beautifully rendered and showed that their knack for writing immediately appealing songs has not been diminished one iota over the years. Throwing in classics like "Heaven Adores You" and "Happy Alone", it all blended seamlessly with new classics like "97 Heart Attack" or "U & Me". They're music just melts me.

What was most moving was seeing a sentimental side to Aaron which he usually hides under the wraps of his often profanity-laced banter between song. Actually I've always enjoyed that sarcastic side of his humor, and find it funny he can't restrain himself even when there are children in the audience. Well, like I've always said, no one was ever corrupted by a bad word.

When he talked about how grateful he was to the local music community, how he had no idea where he might have ended up and said this neighborhood saved his life, I could relate in a certain way. I know I've met many individuals who would say the same thing. I can only relate what it did for me. You see, when music re-entered my life about seven years ago, it shook me to my very foundation, turned me completely upside down and rearranged all my priorities. Earlimart was one of the reasons. I started going out to shows and clubs, met hundreds of wonderful new friends, decided to try writing and felt like my life had been given a whole new sense of purpose. Like Aaron, I thank you all. 

Had to get that out. I'll be posting a more full some review on Tuesday at Radio Free Silver Lake.

photos by Brad Roberts

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