Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feed Your Head Night at Lot 1

I'm very pleased to have George Glass as headliners at my second Lot 1 show this Saturday, October 8. Ever since I saw Nick Ceglio performing with Death To Anders a few years ago at one of the RFSL "Let's Independent!" nights at Boardner's where he got to play some of his own compositions (one where he was noodling around on the floor playing with knobs, buttons and pedals), I have noticed how good his musical instincts and songwriting abilities are.

Still as much as I enjoy Death To Anders and Nick's contribution to their 2008 sound, I was not prepared for how good George Glass was right from the start. Now, a couple of years later, they've taken off on their own, releasing a wonderful CD and delivering some of the best local sets, repeatedly. Looking forward to hearing anything new they may have up their collective sleeves.

What else can I say about Radars To The Sky except that Andrew and Kate and the rest of the band have become good friends to me and the way the band keeps expanding and contracting, and meeting each challenge creatively, puts me in awe of their adaptability. Radars have become a new animal over the last couple of months and I can't wait to see what shape they have assumed.

Andrew Spitzer is a lawyer in his 'real' life and now that I just got off jury duty, I can see how he might operate in a courtroom. Much like his stage persona, he probably lulls a courtroom/audience into a complaisant comfort and then zings them with a power and passion that he keeps hidden until just the right moment. Good courtroom technique, good rock star technique. Who'd have thought...

Nick brought Doña Nicha onto the bill and listening to some of their song selections, I an very impressed. They play a dreamy, hypnotic lo-fi trance rock that actually cuts loose occasionally to create a kind of ebb and flow that is alternately beautiful and jolting.

I've known Sarah Clothier for a while now but never had the opportunity to hear her band The pickUp Sticks until she expressed interest to me about playing one more show before she has her baby in November. After hearing the garage/punk indie rock band she plays in, I realized they would be a perfect fit to open the night. It will be a treat to hear their music live.

So come out, if you're not colliding with culture on this Saturday, and join me for some fun at Lot 1.


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