Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I Listened To October 8 - 14, 2010

1. Three Mile Pilot - The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten (Temporary Residence)

2. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (Merge Records)

3. Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record (Arts & Crafts)

4. The Eels - Tomorrow Morning (E Works)

5. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (Merge Records)

6. Birds and Batteries - Panorama (Velvet Blue Music)

7. Broken Bells - Broken Bells (Columbia Records)

8. Kelley Stoltz - To Dreamers (Sub Pop)

9. Film School - Fission (Hi-Speed Soul)

10. Shadow Shadow Shade - Shadow Shadow Shade (Public Records)

I picked up the new album by Three Mile Pilot, popped it into my player and within one minute, knew I was listening to one of my favorite albums of the year. When I saw this band perform at Echoplex over a year ago and they played material which undoubtedly has surfaced on this record I figured the album would be released soon. Even thought this band is the band that, when they broke up in 1999, became part of two of my very favorite bands, Pinback and The Black Heart Procession, I didn't expect to be so enamoured of their music. The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten is a real beauty.

Preparing for their concert, I purchased Forgiveness Rock Record by Broken Social Scene and find this ambitious record to be among their most accessible, with some really compelling songwriting, which The Broken Social Orchestra perform with all the instrumental and vocal variety at their disposal.

The Arcade Fire concert continued to resonate as I played The Suburbs constantly, and Neon Bible a few times, to relive the amazing concert axperience. The Eels played in town this week and I really wanted to be up on their newest material, though their superb concert covered all aspects of E's career. And I like hearing him sing upbeat songs.

Birds and Batteries CD is still surprising me by how many times I want to hear it. It's the same with Broken Bells. Kelley Stoltz and Film School were upcoming concerts that I wanted to be prepared for (since I was going to interview one and had already interviewed the other) and Shadow Shadow Shade is just a damned fine I played these too.


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