Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Anniversary

Los Angeles: City of Dreams

It was one year ago today I started Feed Your Head and the rewards for having done so are both enormous and unending. What little trepidation I had about writing a blog involved whether or not writing and all that analyzing would squeeze all the pleasure out of the live music experience. My concern should have been in the other direction. It's added a new layer of enjoyment to my experiences. I feel like I'm really out in that audience for a reason. And it's only heightened my excitement about the great music scene going on here around us. Sometimes I think my feet are never going to touch the ground again.

Writing also gave me a reason to reach out and introduce myself to the bands I've met and gave them a reason to talk with me. And through that simple act I've got, probably, a thousand new friends. I've gotten to know people who I consider to be amazing musicians, a terrific community of bloggers and writers who really seem to support each other, and the various super talented photographers I run into every time I leave my house.

I would begin to name names here, but that would make this column go on for pages, so, suffice to say, thanks, everyone. I think the fact I'm most proud of, is that the majority of my readership is musicians and bands. My reason for starting writing was to get the word out to other music fans about what I was finding in L.A. everywhere I turned. But it had the unintended consequence of attracting the bands I was writing about.

Now, one year later, I'm writing for Radio Free Silver Lake and ISGOODMUSIC and that collaboration may catapult me into online radio. There should be news on that in the next month. Amazing new doors have opened for me at a stage of life when many people are considering walkers and canes. I think it's precisely because I am at that stage of life that I have little fear about stepping through those doors. That's a great thing for someone who has often erred on the side of caution.

What the next year will bring is anyone's guess, but I sure am enjoying the ride and highly recommend it to anyone wrestling with choices. Take a chance. I'm just going to end with another picture of Los Angeles because, were I not here, none of this would have happened.


Josh said...

Congrats on one year. I keep seeing you at shows; next time I'll say hi.

Kelli Anne said...

i'm so happy for you Brad!!!! you're my favorite. xo, Kelli anne