Friday, October 24, 2008

Golden Ratio at Silverlake Lounge

I went out to see a band I didn't know on Wednesday (October 22, 2008). The Golden Ratio approached me a week or so ago about attending their EP release party at the Silverlake Lounge, as my blog indicated to them I might like their music.

I listened to samples on their myspace page and liked their style of psychedelic funk fused with ambient shoegaze. I decided to try not to miss their show since they'd gone to the trouble to find me.

There weren't too many people there when I arrived but the place filled up quickly with friends and fans of the band. I didn't know anyone there until Jerami Mannella came up to ask if I was the blogger. He plays bass in the band and I was glad to meet him, which led to meeting Talia Mays, the voice of the band. She is of ebullient spirit and as sweet and genuine as can be.

When The Golden Ratio took the stage they built up a wall of swirling psychedelia backed by a funky beat that was pierced by the slowly mounting wail of Talia's fine voice. It sounded like a weird mix of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, with some Prince thrown in. Or in the same vein as contemporary artists like Film School, Darker My Love, or Xu Xu Fang.

Nice background arrangements keep the atmosphere throbbing and constantly moving as Talia dances and moves to the beat while her voice cuts through the trippy musical haze. I'm happy I picked up their EP, How Long Til Never?, because it led me to a deeper apppreciation of what they're after.

Utilizing a variety of styles; some songs are hypnotic/ambient epics with a funk beat, while the song "Hindsight", with it's twangy guitars, rumbling drums and distant vocal wails reminding me of a Morricone film score. And "Mephisto" has an other-worldly, Stevie Nicks kind of science fictiony atmosphere.

I wish them well, but I think their focus is true and they're on the right path.

I couldn't stay for instrumental band, Beware Of Safety, but I liked their recorded pieces on myspace and love their name, so I should catch them at a later date.


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