Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dios (Malos) - Spaceland - September 1

September could turn out to be the busiest concert month I've ever had. I think I'm trying to test my endurance. Beginning on Monday (Septemner 1, 2008) I decided to take in Dios (Malos) in their first night of a much deserved residency at Spaceland. Unfortunately the two dueling Monday residencies this month are by two bands I love: Dios (Malos) at Spaceland and Death To Anders at the Echo begin their engagement next Monday (Sept. 8). I hope to take D. To A. in both next week and on Sept. 15. I have tickets for Fleet Foxes on Monday, Sept. 22 at the El Rey, and one for Calexico at the Fonda on Monday, Sept. 29 so Mondays are gone this month.

I was happy to see a good crowd assembled, on a holiday no less, and Dios (Malos) gave back a solid set of their shambling, amiable rock and roll. This was my sixth time seeing them and they are definitely one of the most polished, professional bands I know and they deserve a much bigger following. I have never seen them deliver anything less than a focused, beautifully constructed set of songs. I have a feeling they enjoy putting together their set list as much as playing.

Joel Morales was in incredible voice last night, maybe the best I've heard him. His clarity and volume together with the natural warmth of his voice are at the core of each song. They can go off on instrumental detours and meander around, but the minute Joel adds a vocal the whole thing comes into focus.

The other musicians play an integral part in the perfection of their sound. You can't imagine this group with one extra or one less player. J. P.'s amazing harmonies and great bass work, the irrepressible Patrick whose drumwork seems like modern dance and Ed's skilled keyboard playing (and then he played guitar for the encore).

As in their other recent shows, they string together their songs to flow seamlessly into one another, barely stopping for applause 3 or 4 times. and they never stop tinkering with the arrangements; some songs are different each time I've seen them performed. Every song was a gem, but "Feels Good Being Somebody" really stood out for me.

I hope the remainder of their residency goes as well as this evening. If you've never seen this band, you should check them out.


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