Friday, August 22, 2008

"Let's Independent!" - August 19, 2008

To say that Death to Anders was a revelation last Tuesday (August 19) at Boardner's would be an understatement. I've seen this band a bunch of times and knew them as very talented individuals, but the variety, range and deep reach of all the songs made me reassess just how good.

Maybe their songwriting is just getting stronger, or their stage manner more confident, but whatever it was, from the moment Nick Ceglio took the stage to begin with a solo, the audience was enthralled. That first song, it may have been "Man of 100 Regrets", sounded so different from what I'm used to from them, the background atmosphere so hypnotic and Nick's plaintive voice soaring above it all was a perfect beginning.

Then Rob Danson came on to do a solo, which I think was a new song which really showed off Rob's skills with a guitar. The whole band assembled for the rest of the set which was a mix of new material and hits from Ficticious Business. The singing and playing was superb, but the highlight for me was Rob's final song. It was a solo and had a really compelling lyric, sung with real conviction and urgency. It was a beautiful set. And I really like their new songs, "Corduroy Stitches" and "Radio". See Death To Anders at their residency at The Echo every Monday in September.

The Savages played next and took the evening a step in the direction of Xu Xu Fang. The band that plays a conch shell, The Savages blend it into their massive soundscape, and I was enjoying their set when the drink someone had bought me for my birthday kicked in. I'm afraid the rest of the evening was lost in the memory hole.

I recall Xu Xu Fang coming on and from the opening song on, I must have been entranced. I recall they sounded great, but for me to say more wouldn't be fair. Sorry I missed them.

But thanks, Joe, for another unique night at "Let's Independent!".


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