Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tuesday at Spaceland

Tuesday night (July 1) KXLU, Filter Magazine and Classical Geek Theatre presented The Mae Shi at Spaceland with opening bands Light FM and Death To Anders. I arrived just as Light FM went on. I'd seen them a few months ago at Joe's Boardner night but Tuesday they sounded even more impressive. Many familiar songs and a few new ones had the crowd in constant motion. I'll look forward to their new CD and I will definitely see them again.

During the break had a nice talk with Eli of The Monolaters who said they have a show coming up at the Echo on July 16. They are so great live!

Death To Anders went up next and they were ferocious. Tearing through, both favorites from their latest CD "Ficticious Business", and new material, Rob Danson is so much fun to watch as he seems to chew the words out, rolling eyes or raising an eyebrow for emphasis as if it helps his particular enunciation. I don't know when I've seen them better than this. They all played fiercely, great vocals by Nicholas Ceglio on a couple of numbers. Their genre-defying sound, augmented by Charlene Huang's violin for one number, had the audience hanging on every note.

The place was pretty packed by this time, and I had a chance to chat with friends and bloggers: Travis from Web in Front, Joe of Radio Free Silver Lake, one of thea events sponsors, Mouse of Classical Geek Theatre and a Squaregirl (Erica I think she said her name was...sorry, I'm trying). I couldn't help but rave about the new Earlimart CD, "Hymn and Her", which I had just picked up at Amoeba on the way over and listened to on the bus trip. I want to review it but I need to digest it's stunning beauty a little more first!

The Mae Shi... what can one say. You either like their music or you don't, but one thing is for certain, they put it over with an energy, a style and a passion just this side of goofy over the other side of it. It was shattering! They spill off the stage into the audience occasionally and even spread a giant sheet out over the crowd which began undulating in time to the boisterous music creating an otherworldly, theatrical image. I can hardly tell their songs apart but like "Run To Your Grave" as a standout.


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